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My name is Jeffie and I just want to share a bit of my story, my absolute passion for natural raw pet food including my incredible goat milk products, their health and wellbeing benefits and a bit more.  So if you’re interested in my “how and why” come and have a quick read!

My journey with RAW feeding started about 5 years ago, after experiencing health difficulties with one of our pups. A RAW food diet helped improve her itchy inflamed skin, irritable ear conditions and also helped with her weight management.

Cats and dogs are not designed to eat carb and starches and RAW pet food has absolutely no additives or preservatives so is 100% natural. 

goat milk

RAW feeding is more than offering a bowl of mince to your pet every night. From our experience RAW feeding covers all basis – meat, organ and bone in the correct ratio for optimum benefit to your pet. RAW feeding does not need to be difficult or cumbersome, you can purchase already made mixes that is put together with the correct ratio that offer wholesome nutrient rich food options for your pet.

We also look at your pets digestive system and keeping your pets gut flora in optimal condition. We have several probiotic options for this that complete the picture of a well balance RAW pet food diet. A healthy digestive system will help protect your pet from disease caused by pathogens and general ill-health.

I breed and rear my own goats who are all very special to me.  I know exactly what diet they are on which is all-natural, no additives or preservatives, etc so that means the milk the lovely ladies produce is 100% natural – no nasties.  Goat milk in itself is an incredible product full of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals so from puppies and kittens to older dogs and cats it’s incredible for gut health, skin health, bone health and overall health and wellbeing – you name it but it’s a real super food.  In fact, the body can digest goat’s milk in 20 minutes. Having fat molecules one-fifth the size of those in cow’s milk makes it easily digestible and tolerable even for dogs with digestive issues.

As I support a raw food diet for cats and dogs, raw goat milk fit very well with this and is just one component of a raw food diet as it offer immense health benefits to humans and animals alike.


Our Goat Milk range currently covers: 

  • Raw goat milk – 350ml
  • Probiotic kefir milk – 350ml
  • Probiotic yoghurt powder – 150gm

We have a great range of healthy pet food options and treats that come highly recommended as part of a natural and nutritional diet for your pets.  If you would like to find out more, get in contact today.

Jeffie xx