Far North RAW Pet Food!

Fresh Raw Food For Pets

Dogs thrive on raw food. We provide a wide variety of high quality wild and farmed proteins prepared especially for dogs and cats.

Courier delivery to your door

Overnight Courier delivery throughout the North Island.

If you are local to Kaeo or Kerikeri, see below where you can pick you orders up for free !

Northland’s Pet Food Specialist!

Northland is our home, and we deliver to our local Far North community top quality pet food that we feed our own animals.

Why Raw?

  • Hypoallergenic for Healthy Digestion.
  • Chewable for Improved Dental Health.
  • Nutrient Rich for Healthy Glossy Coats.

Raw Pet Food Is Better Pet Food!

We are local to Northland, and offer the best selection of raw pet food prepared for dogs and cats to ensure your pet has a highly nutritious, balanced diet without risk of contaminants.

We’ve been working with dog and cat nutrition for years, focusing initially on goat milk from our own herd of lovely goats. In 2023, we expanded our offer into a full range of raw meats, prepared especially for dogs and cats.

Commercial pet food is convenient for pet owners, but the truth is that it’s not optimum nutrition for dogs & cats due to the way it is processed. In fact, when on a 100% raw diet, dogs are much less likely to suffer diseases such as cancer, heart and kidney disease, which have become increasingly common in recent decades.

Better Nutrition can help extend the life of your pet.

Free Local Pick up Points


Kai’O Kai – off SH 10 just north of Kaeo


Wednesday in Waipapa

all other North Island addresses delivery via courier

Raw Food Is Best For Dogs

Dogs thrive on a balanced raw diet. Increased energy, easier weight management and fewer trips to the vet – including for tooth related issues. Dogs chew raw food harder than processed food, which effectively helps keep their teeth cleaner and their breath fresher.

Convenient, Portion Control Packaging

We deliver to you. We are not a cold faceless business, we want to get to know you and your animal family! That’s why we deliver direct to Northland families.

Far North RAW Pet - Duck Mince - NZ

Bones & Chewable Cubes

Our raw food is designed to make life easy for you. Select what works best for your animals and family – be it cubes, chunks, bones or full offal. We are happy to chat and help you find the best mix.

Hypoallergenic Raw Pet Food

Vets sometimes hesitate in approving raw pet food, as the nutrient content and quality of the food can cause animal health issues if not correctly prepared. Far North RAW Petfood solves this for you and we provide only high quality, nutritious raw pet food. Your pet will eat exactly the same as ours – and our pets have never looked healthier!