Why Is Raw Goat Milk So Good For Cats & Kittens?

If you’re searching for healthier and more nutritional raw pet food for your cats and kittens then goat milk is the ultimate superfood! Packed full of vitamins and nutrients it’s a high protein diet that helps with everything from bone health to allergies; digestive issues and more.

Head Start

We all know that cats are lactose intolerant to cow’s milk but the good news is they aren’t to goat milk.  Your kittens will thrive when you introduce goat milk into their daily raw pet food diet.  This is because goat milk is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals that help with bone development and overall bone health, healthier skin and fur and it boosts the immune system.

Goat Milk Provides Incredible Joint Support, Skin & Coat Health

 As your cat grows and develops goat milk will help with health issues like arthritis so your cat enjoys a pain free active lifestyle. But how does goat milk do all this?

Goat milk for pets is full of fatty acids and antioxidants as well as enzymes.  What these nutritional properties do is help reduce joint pain and inflammation.  These all support your pets health that is 100% natural without any preservatives and additives.

Goat milk for pets is rich in amino acids, proteins and essential fatty acids with a particularly high concentration of linoleic acid and arachidonic acid too so you can see why it’s seen as a superfood.

Tackling Allergies Naturally

 Yes we rave about superfood goat milk for pets and now wait for it … it’s a natural antihistamine too! What more could you want in a pet food?

 Goats milk contains key factors for helping to treat allergies due to the fact it’s high in fat and protein, low in lactose which makes it a healthier alternative to other pet foods.  Lots of pet owners have told us of the many benefits they have seen in their pets when they’ve made the switch to having goat milk in their pets daily diet.

 “Their coats are shiny and skin issues are a thing of the past. I can highly recommend this product”

Sensitive Stomachs

 Goat milk is superior to cow’s milk in every way. It’s gentle on the tummy, higher in nutrients and easier to digest while being full of vitamins and minerals that are good for bone, skin and even heart health. For your cats and kittens who might be suffering with digestive problems this is the perfect superfood because they’re able to get all the vitamins and nutrients they need in a much gentler and efficient way. 

That’s A Wrap – Now Come & Try It

 Head on over to our Goat Milk Food Product section and check out what’s available.  We have both powder, blocks and liquid Raw Goat Milk options, plus tasty and nutritious goat milk treats.  If you’re unsure if this diet would suit your particular pet or breed just get in contact and we can offer sound advice on how to feed your pet with goat milk and raw pet food and well as lots of helpful information. Try now!

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