How Goat Milk for Pets, Probiotic Kefir Milk products helped ease my pups digestive and diabetic disorders


Tiz me Shayla and my blissie Maggie – dis me in front cos I’m boss. Guys, dis is serious.

Mahm’s been pushing lotsa buttens wiv da intenef doing sumfink with a webpage. She sed its goatmilkforpets or sum fancy wurd like that. I not sure how, but she made a big red box wiv wheels come to our house and leave smaller boxes – those don’t have wheelz. Mahm brings them into in our food room and takes heapz of stuff out. She tells us what they are, names like goat milk keeper which is joocy, ribbit nears and posshum tail – they both cromchy and she had some cramker things too that Jeffie gave to try, Iz gott a tell you that it all taste heckin good frenz. Mahm sez they good for us too.

Mahm does a bamboozle tho cos she makes words like dis and dat and hides them in the cupbird and another really cold place for someone called later. I think Mahm mite cromch them too sneaky in secred when we sleeps. The joocy goat keeper we get every day but she make us wait elebenty billion days to get some cromchy things. Sometimes I get into the cupbird room and bork bork bork but no treatos appear, so I just wait for Mahm to get them.

Probiotic Goat Milk Kefir Superfood

We love Jeffie and the goats, but Jeffie can you tell Mahm she iz doing us a concern cos the packet is empty! PS . Maggie sez she likes the posshum tail best.

This is Maggie and Shayla’s mum here, they’re so lucky that I found the website for goatsmilkforpets.

Over the years I have tried many products that claim to enhance their gut and general health, with little success and a lot of wasted money. Both my fur babies suffer from digestive disorders. Maggie’s stomach often sounded like a little war zone and both of them sometimes have terrible gas that could effectively clear a room. Shayla is also diabetic, and part of this complex disorder means she has a niggly pancreas, which makes her feel a little sick so despite regularly feeding her a pre/probiotic, she would often go outside just to eat grass. Since they’ve been having goats milk kefir from Jeffie and her team, Maggie’s gut has completely quietened down and Shayla has stopped her inclination to eat grass.

Needless to say, they absolutely love the kefir and lap it up out of a bowl as a treat, or have it as part of their daily meal. It is a well-tolerated product and I’m convinced that since adding this to their raw food diet, both have seemed just that little bit more happy and extremely bright eyed. We’ve also discovered the world of dried possum tails and dried chicken’s feet not to mention the rabbit ears, which are a total hit with both of them along with the sample of little goat milk biscuits that we received with our order.

Well done Jeffie and team, your products have made a huge difference in our lives for the better. Thank you so much.

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