The Amazing Health Benefits Of Raw Pet Food

We had the absolute pleasure of catching up with one of our stockists; Prey Pet Food | Rotorua, to discuss with them the amazing health benefits of raw pet food. We spoke to Natasha, one of owners at Prey Pet Food who shared with us her incredible knowledge and insights and now we’ll share some of those with you too.  Natasha has 26 years experience as a Veterinary Nurse.  Natasha is a proud advocate and educator around the correct feeding of raw pet food for overall health and wellbeing as well as offering sound advice and reassurance around what works best for your much-loved furry friends. 

A bit about Prey Pet Food Rotorua

Prey Pet Food is a relatively new business (set up in November 2020) and is in conjunction with Barrowman Goodman Vets.   There are so many health benefits when you feed your pets correctly on a raw pet food diet which you’re about to discover and “we walk the talk” by feeding our own pets a raw diet which they thrive on.

What are some of the major benefits of raw pet food?

Where do we start! There’s so many health benefits of raw pet food and apart from being suppliers we also offer knowledgeable advice and reassurance about how much you should feed, what to feed etc.  Pet owners don’t need to feel like they have to sort it all out on their own as we discuss how a raw pet food diet works and any health issues they need help with. 

First of all though raw pet food has absolutely no additives or preservatives so is 100% natural.  Animals aren’t designed to eat carbs and starches so they don’t need things like dried biscuits that a lot of the smaller dog breeds actually turn their nose up at.  

From personal and professional experience we see raw pet food help improve symptoms for all sorts of conditions when transferred over to a raw diet which includes itchy and dry skin, ear conditions right through to irritable bowel issues.  It’s also great for weight management for pets and it’s amazing for those fussy eaters out there who just can’t get enough.  

So about how Goat Milk For Pets? How did you hear about their amazing raw pet food products and what has the feedback been like so far?

There are a couple of examples we would like to mention to talk about the health benefits of goat milk.  One client of ours who has a dalmatian came in and wanted to apply a raw diet but this breed can be a bit trickier to raw feed.  Dalmatians have a predisposition for bladder stones so the owner was also looking at options for natural raw food to help prevent this from happening. So we were on the hunt for a nutritious food that would appeal to this breed and goat milk works a treat! The dog really enjoys it’s nutritious goat milk packed full of nutrients and vitamins and can now enjoy a more raw diet suited to that particular dog breed. 

Kittens also benefit on a goat milk diet because cats are lactose intolerant so goat milk is amazing as far as building them up and giving them a real health boost.  It would be great for any rescue cats and kittens to really kick start them back to life and boost overall health and wellbeing. 

Last words …..

As you can probably tell Natasha is very passionate about the health and wellbeing of animals and is also incredibly knowledgeable about what and how to feed your pets on a raw pet food diet.  

The amazing benefits of ingredients like tripe for example which provides good probiotics and good bacteria 100% naturally as well as the health benefits of goat milk means you can rely on an amazing group of people who only want what’s naturally best for your pets so they can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. 

If you want to find out more about raw pet food visit in store at Prey Pet Food | Rotorua and talk to Natasha 

Or shop online here for the amazing goat milk and other natural products lovingly created at Goat Milk For Pets.

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