Questions & Concerns Around The Health Benefits of Raw Pet Food

Questions & Concerns Around The Health Benefits of Raw Pet Food

 Last month we caught up with Natasha at Prey Pet Food Rotorua to talk to her about the amazing health benefits of raw pet food.  As a qualified Veterinary Nurse for over 26 years it’s best to ask the experts right!  We learnt a lot and are continuing to learn so we wanted to dig a bit deeper and help people make the switch from off the shelf pet food that might not be the best for your pets health and reassure you why raw and natural pet food is best.

Is Raw Pet Food Safe?

 This topic came up when we spoke to Natasha and it is absolutely 100% safe and incredibly beneficial to feed your pets on a raw pet food diet if you feed them correctly.

There’s a perception with some pet owners that feeding your pets raw pet food was just a matter of throwing out what’s left from a home kill but that is simply a myth.  Feeding your pets with a well rounded raw pet food diet that is simply not just feeding them the scraps and is done properly to suit your breed and your pet specifically is the way to go.

Raw pet food is 100% natural without preservatives and additives so common sense tells us that has to be best.  A lot of off the shelf dog and cat biscuits for example include starches and carbs which aren’t what our pets are designed to eat.

Goat milk is packed full of vitamins and nutrients and rich in protein and promotes good bone, skin and overall body health. Tripe contains natural probiotics and good bacteria so once again aids and promotes good health as part of your raw pet food diet.

How Do I Get My Pets Started On A Raw Pet Food Diet?

 Talk to us – the experts! We know how amazing raw goat milk is for puppies and kittens especially when they’ve just been weaned away from their mum’s milk.  It helps them fight viruses and infections as well as being gentle on their little tummies too.  Smaller dog breeds also benefit from a raw goat milk diet as their stomachs are smaller and more sensitive too in some breeds so it’s nice and gentle whilst providing them with proteins, vitamins and nutrients. 

Depending on your pet we’ll advise how much you should feed and what you should feed so we make it nice and easy to make that transition.  All our stockists of our goat milk products are as passionate as we are about pet health and wellbeing so we’re a great bunch of people who only want what’s best for your pet.

Would my pet get bored on a raw pet food diet?

Absolutely not!  There are so many exciting flavours and treats that they will be spoilt for choice.  You can have anything from liquid goat milk to goat milk cheesy bites; to natural chews like cattle hooves and rabbit ears for your dogs. Dogs need stimulation to help them keep happy and giving them a variety of raw pet food and chew options also provides lots of variety and stimulation.  So next time you’re out and about or on the web come and check out what’s on offer because the raw pet food market is delivering natural goodness straight to your door!

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