Hooch 4 Your Pooch Balm


Natural Animal Healing Balm

gentle balm to soothe and repair dry, irritated skin from tip to tail !    A natural balm to help heal dry irritated skin as well as soothe and heal infections, wounds and treat arthritis.

  • Suitable for cats and dogs and other furry creatures of all ages
  • Anti Bacterial & Anti fungal
  • A anti inflammatory oils to help soothe joint pain and reduce inflamed areas
  • Long-lasting (you only need a small amount for each application)
  • Apply as regular as you want and ideally at feeding or treat time so they’re more likely to concentrate on their food rather than the freshly applied balm
  • Hooman friendly

Contains no preservatives | 100% natural product

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Antibacterial balm for bites, sores, wounds.  Approximately 50g per tin.

Contains Beeswax, Kumarahou, CBD, Plaintain, Tea Tree & Castor Oil.

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Karanja Oil, Kawakawa Oil


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