My ‘Why’ and what drives me to grow this business that I love so much

I listen to podcasts when I have time and one person in specific is Simon Sinek. I recently revisited his podcast on ‘Your Why’. I refer back to this podcast of his on a regular basis. For me it keeps me honest and on track with my reasons behind Goat Milk for Pets and it is a general check in.

I decided to share my why with you today and more about me so this blog is a bit personal.  I am not afraid of going deep and being more vulnerable at times so writing this blog is not difficult ?

Goat Milk for Pets is not all about the bottom dollar, whatever we do in life should never be just about the bottom dollar.  What you do has to have purpose, add value thus make a difference no matter how insignificant it may seem to others.   However, the bottom dollar put food on my sons’ plate & hay in my goat’s feeding bins. It feeds my family of my co-human,  pups, cats and goats, it gives them shelter and off course me, but they do come first in my world ?

As many know, we have two pups, Luna and Nala, one I refer to as ‘no ears Luna’ and the other ‘Nala bala puddy pie’ and this is just them!   Both girls are rescues we adopted at a few months old and both are Labrador x.  I specifically chose this cross as my wingman, Leon 10, are Asperger’s / ADHD / ADD and he goes through rough spots every now and again.  I needed something that will be tolerant and support him when he does loose the plot and comfort him when need be.  Both girls are great with Leon, and he loves them very much.  Owning a Labrador type dog is the first for me and well Nala is typical – she NEVER stops eating or her desire to eat NEVER fades! She looks at a treat and gain 5 pounds!  So, Nala is on a tight reign with food intake and the type of foods she eats. 

Nala also have skin allergies, and anything will set it off and she will start chewing her feet first, then the constant scratching and licking follows. Lucky for our balm and spray to manage outbreaks !    It drives her insane and me batty lol.    

Luna on the other hand is a lean gleam muscle machine but she is picky……which drives me around the bend and makes her at times quite ‘ribby’ looking.    As many other pet owners who battle on with their precious pooches, I make product with these two in mind and around their different challenges they throw at me. 

Did I start Goat Milk for Pets because of them? 

No however, Goat Milk for Pets evolve and grow around what Luna and Nala teach me and formulating new product are very much done around their needs and reactions in mind.  One of the cornerstones of our business is to offer 100% Natural pet foods and treats the same food our two pups consume. 

Do I have a science degree or a team of nutritionists that design our products? 

No, I intuitively know what I need to put on the market.  I formulate product alongside in-depth research and then once I am satisfied with my formulation, I create said product, offer it to our pups and things goes from there.  I personally sample everything I give my girls and what is on offer from us to the fur babies of NZ ? 

Goat Milk for Pets came about after I made the decision to pull Leon from mainstream schooling which was killing his spirit and he was changing into an unhappy, anxious & angry wee man spending 8+ hours a day in an unsafe environment.  At the same time, I closed down ‘Udderly Pure’ my previous business where I made goat milk soap and lotions for humans ?

Apart from me having to make life changes for Leon it was time for me to finish with the old and start afresh, I also realised I lost my why and my passion for that business.  Making soap and lotions was very time consuming and dealing with people and their demands drained me off all my energy.  Making the decision at the time was difficult as I put a lot of work into Udderly Pure however I knew both Leon and I will gain positively from this change.

I did not intend to give up my goats and we had to make a living in order to survive and put food on the table.  And with the knowledge I have about the health benefits of Goat Milk from the skin to the organs,  Goat Milk for Pets were born.  I have been selling goat milk for pets for several years but it was never my main focus, however this all changed in 2019.  I now grow this business alongside being there for Leon in a home schooling situation in which he thrive and we are both much happier and content. 

At a year and a half old, this business is still in infant stages and have a lot of growth ahead of it to get to a stage where it can be self sufficient and ‘pay its own way’ to some degree.   Do we have a champagne budget to grow this business….No.  Finances have always been difficult and a lot of the time it is 1 step forward, 2 backward.   What I do have is drive, passion and the focus to see Goat Milk for Pets grow and flourish! 

What are my goals for Goat Milk for Pets and how do I see this business make a difference and add value…..ok we are delving deep here, bear with me ?

Many would not know that in 2019 at the same time I pulled Leon from school, I also closed the book on my long-time desire to study for a degree that will allow me to specialise to become a Child Play Therapist.  I signed up to do a Social Work Degree earlier in that year and my goal was to after I complete my degree to specialise.  I love children in particular children that has been touched by trauma, abuse, and neglect.  This stems from my own childhood in which I suffered abuse and trauma and unbeknown to those close to me, I was a spectrum child, and I was subsequently misunderstood and not supported.  It was a train wreck.

Naturally as with any child that is exposed to trauma the abuse cause a lot of pain and damage and for the next 30 years after leaving home I entered into one abusive relationship or situation after another.  Looking back on my life I can see the silver thread of abuse woven into every part of my existence and this  stemmed from my childhood.  I am now in a great space and so lucky I can look back over the last few decades and feel positive about my past, present and future ?  

So what about Goat Milk for Pets then you ask?  haha we’re getting there !

My want and goal for this business of ours is to in time buy our own piece of dirt, have a small operational goat farm that house our business, Goat Milk for Pets and support our living.  I want to develop a part of our piece of dirt into a space with purpose build rooms and an outdoor area that will support children to learn, heal, and overcome trauma in a holistic and loving environment. This service must be available to all children from all backgrounds.

Gasp…  Yes I am well aware that this goal is for some pretty far fetched and out there however I know it is achievable and if it is meant to be, it will fall into place ?  This is my vision and goal for our business and our future.  

Ok so lets wrap this up !

So in essence, my ‘why’ is simple:

  I love what I do. I love our business and I am extremely passionate about this business.

  I love my animals. The goats have been part of my life since 2013 and they will always be part of my life. Farming is in my blood and working the land and my animals makes me happy and completes me.  To walk out on a frosty morning and the grass crunch under neat my boots, cold air nips at my cheeks while I check on the girls, feed the chickens and watch the sun rise offering us a new day…..that for me is the good stuff, the worthwhile and meaningful stuff ?

 Our lifestyle offers Leon and I a safe space. A space away from our structured and limited society and from people not tolerant to those who is different and totally unique ?  With both Leon and I being Asperger’s and ADHD / ADD, we need our safe space.

  Goat Milk for Pets is not a quick money-making scheme…. never is when animals are involved! Our business is here for the long haul or for as long as I can manage to keep going. Goat Milk for Pets is here to add value to your pup’s health and life and to offer wholesome healthy food options for fur babies of Aotearoa. 

  My goal for Goat Milk for Pets is to add value alongside myself in any way, shape or form it can to those who need it the most. Our children…. our tomorrow. Trying to fix a broken adult is not ideal and not the place we should start.

What will tomorrow bring….. ?

 Thank you for reading ?

 Aroha Nui ?

Goat milk nz

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  1. I’ve been following you for several years and happy to finally know your WHY. Thanks for sharing yours and Leon’s life with us. We support you completely.

  2. Beautifully written!
    Never stop following your “why” and your passion!

    Your vision is so special and will become such a taonga for children who need a safe healing space.
    Many people have a story to tell but it is such a brave thing to face that story and to share..

    1. Thank you Jane 🙂 I look forward to what the future holds for us and excited about the journey ahead. My vision and goal to create a safe space for children to heal and empower will come to fruition I am sure of it !

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