Why Is Gut Health So Important For Your Pets

If healthy pet food is a top priority let’s look at gut health in your animals and why it’s so vital to good health and wellbeing.

First of all let’s look at what happens with poor gut health:

  • Stomach or gastro problems – with poor gut health your much-loved family pet could be suffering with nausea and ongoing diarrhea issues.  A cause of this could be issues with an irritated or damaged intestine lining which creates “leaky gut” syndrome in much the same way as it does with us humans.  Overall this leaves your poor pet feeling unwell, lethargic and generally unwell overall 
  • Bad gut health in your dogs and pets wreaks havoc with their skin.  Dry, itchy and irritated skin are incredibly irritating for your pet and you as no-one likes to see our pets suffer from such discomfort. Healthy pet food and natural health and wellbeing products provide vital nutrients and vitamins for good health
  • A dull coat could be a sign of poor gut health. It’s a reflection of what’s wrong on the inside so a good diet and nutrition is key for your pets health

The good news is you can do something for your pets to build and maintain good gut health!  Kefir is good bacteria and it aids in the maintenance of good gut health for your pets.  Goat milk kefir for example could contain up to 30 different strains of good bacteria to aid health and wellbeing and not only aids good gut health but restores and nourishes the body.  As a healthy pet food it’s highly recommended.

This is what can happen when you help your pets gut health:

  • With Goat Milk kefir if your dog or pet has been suffering with stomach or gastro problems such as nausea and diarrhea gently introduce this good bacteria into their diet.  It’s active ingredients will get to work and replace bad bacteria with good helping ease pain and discomfort as well as helping to repair the intestine wall for better nutrition absorption 
  • Eliminate dry, irritated skin.  Repairing gut health with goat milk kefir is made up of a couple of parts – the kefir works hard to repair gut health by introducing good bacteria and the goat milk helps with inflammation issues, it’s pack full of vitamins and nutrients so is fantastic to nourish and revitalise dry, flaky skin 
  • Your pets coat is brought back to life with good nutrition and particularly good gut health because what goes on inside is reflected outside.  Feed your pets a healthy diet and you’ll see a wonderful transition from dull to shiny

We love nothing better than helping pet owners with natural health and wellbeing for their four legged family members.  We have a great range of healthy pet food options and treats that come highly recommended as part of a natural and nutritional diet for your pets.  If you would like to find out more, get in contact today.  You can also shop online.

Jeffie xx

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