Goat Milk vs Cow Milk For Your Pets

We get asked a lot why we think goat milk is better for our four-legged friends than cow milk so here’s some helpful information so you know why. 


Goat milk is easy for pets to digest.  The opposite is said for cow milk.  Cow milk is actually not good for dogs or cats because the pasteurisation process kills off any healthy milk enzyme. This is what makes it so hard to digest. When your pet can’t digest the foods they eat; including liquid foods, they’re not able to get the essential vitamins and minerals needed for their good health and wellbeing.

Casein – A1 & A2

There are two types of casein; the primary protein compound found in milk.

A1 Casein in cow milk is a lot harder to break down for pets and causes allergies and digestive problems.  Cow milk is made up of around 80% A1 casein.  On the other hand, A2 Casein is a lot gentler on our four legged friends stomachs and therefore doesn’t create the same health issues cow milk does.  

Goat milk is strictly A2 Casein! No more problematic A1 Casein you get in cow milk. That’s great news because your pets get all the protein goodness they need for healthy bone development, skin care and overall good health.  


Our Goat milk is raw. Because it’s raw you’re not cooking out all the good stuff and introducing other issues by “playing around” with nature.  It’s just as nature intended and is a superfood that is packed full of Vitamin B – good for a healthy digestive system, metabolism and hormones, Vitamin A – great for skin and eye health, protein and as we know now; only good protein for overall health and wellbeing, calcium – beneficial for healthy bones and mobility and moisture – great to keep your four legged friends hydrated. 

 Let your four legged friends try goat milk and you’ll see why we’re obsessed with this amazing superfood! Grab in pure liquid form or powdered, flavoured or unflavoured, mixed with other health boosting ingredients for treats and snacks – the choice really is all yours but ask your best mates what they’d like too!

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